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Executive and Leadership Coaching

Photo by Joseph Barrientos

Individual Coaching for Executives and High-Performing Leaders

We're in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.  There is a need for more authentic, courageous, compassionate, resilient, inclusive, creative, and socially conscious leadership at all levels of organizations and in society. And this type of competent, skillful, and sustainable leadership with continued self-correction is possible with the right support and development.

One-on-one coaching sessions support executives and emerging leaders in the development of their leadership capacities and way of being so they can flourish, offering their unique gifts to the world.


  • Developing a high-performing team

  • Coordinating purpose-driven action across the team or organization

  • Inspiring collaboration and commitment towards a shared vision

  • Improving effectiveness and productivity 

  • Enabling better decision making


  • Developing leadership presence with increased awareness of self and others

  • Skillful interpersonal communications including giving/receiving feedback and speaking up

  • Increased capacity to take risks, assess and recover quickly 

  • Influencing others and navigating complex ecosystems

  • Skillful balancing of priorities

  • Maintain high performance excellence with less stress

  • Ability to work with self-judgment, increased confidence 

  • Accelerated integration into new role or organization

  • Positioned for next role or level in career 


  • 6 to 12 month engagement to allow for development of critical competencies 

  • Individualized development program 

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